Giving Some Love Back with Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

The most celebrated emotion every woman knows in her life is to endow love selflessly. From being a dutiful daughter, a caring sister, a loving and encouraging wife, to a doting and friendly mother, she performs each duty with complete commitment, earning the respect and admiration of everyone she touches. Yet many of them today are fighting a brave battle against breast cancer. We need everyone around them to stand up and give them courage to face this affliction head on. We need to support them with our love, the best access to the resources available, and proudly wearing breast cancer awareness merchandise, showing her that she is not alone.

The first step to healing begins with proper knowledge. Wear the knowledge in your mind and on your body through breast cancer awareness merchandise.

This is a brief overview on the stages of breast cancer. As an overview, breast cancer stage is based on four parameters. These are:

·      cancerous tissue size

·      is the cancer non-invasive or invasive

·      whether cancerous tissue is present in the lymph nodes

·      and whether it has spread to other body parts near the breast

The stages of breast cancer can be broken up into 5 phases, usually termed from Stage-0 to Stage-IV.

1.     In stage 0, there is no observation of the cancer cells breaking out of the part of the breast from where they originated. They do not appear to be invading the neighboring normal tissue.

2.     Stage I denotes the beginning of the invasiveness of the cancer, where it is beginning to break through normal tissue. It is divided into 1-A and 1-B. 1-A denotes an invasive cancer where the tumor can measure up to 2cm and has not spread outside the breast. I-B refers to smaller groups of cancer cells present in the lymph nodes or breast tumor, which is less than 2cm.

3.     Stage II is further categorized into II-A and II-B. While both of these are invasive, II-A denotes the tumor being found in the breast and lymph nodes and size of up to 2cm. II-B denotes an increase in size of up to 5cm.

4.     In stage III, the cancer may have spread up to 9 auxiliary lymph nodes, might have created an ulcer and may be larger than 5cm.

5.     Stage IV is the final stage of breast cancer and indicates its spread beyond the breast and its nearby lymph nodes to other body organs, such as skin, bones, lungs, liver, distant lymph nodes, or the brain. You might hear the words “metastatic” or “advanced” used to describe stage IV breast cancer. This stage could also signify recurrence of an earlier breast cancer that has spread

If there is a woman in your life you love, take the time to educate yourself and her about breast cancer, whether or not she is afflicted. Support the scores of afflicted women by wearing breast cancer awareness merchandise and promoting survivor stories that went in headfirst and came out cured and smiling.